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Product name:Vacuum rake dryer
Product number:N200691145638
Product price:¥Current price
Release date:2012-8-30
Look at a number of times:4118
Purchase:Online ordering
Detailed description of the product:
Vacuum rake dryer
Has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, long service life, stable and reliable performance, small steam consumption, strong adaptability, good product quality, especially suitable for high temperature, flammable, high temperature paste material oxidation drying machine, the user long-term use proved to be a good drying equipment. Principle: dry material from the housing into the middle of the founder, stirring constantly the rotation of tooth under axial material back and forth, surface contact with the inner wall of the shell is constantly updated, indirect heating by steam, stirring rake, grinding rod grinding, the material surface water discharge more favorable, gasification water after the dry dust collector and wet dust collector, the condenser is discharged from outlet of vacuum pump. Structure: the main components of a vacuum rake dryer

1, 2, 3, a tooth discharging device 4, feeding device 5, grinding rod
6. The sealing device 7, the mixing shaft 8, the transmission device
 Applicable material
Mud like paste of high paste and under 100 mesh materials, all kinds of pigments, mud - head material filter and centrifuge filter and soda detergent,
Alkali stone starch, dyestuff, clay ash and other clay cement, etc.
Application under appropriate conditions
Below 100 mesh material solution synthetic fiber, crystal, vacuum liquid emulsion sand suspension, sweet potato slice
Model and technical characteristics
Main parameter model Nominal volume Heat transfer area One loading Absolute working pressure Operating temperature Spindle speed Texture of material Weight Motor power Shape size L×W×H
Cylinder body Inside the jacket
XPG0.5 0.5 1.86 0.2 0.021 0.686 435 15-20     Notes:3  
XPG1 1 6 0.75 0.021 0.686 435 9 A3 3400 5.5 3700×945×3270
1Cr18Ni9Ti 3300
XPG2 2 8 1.2 0.021 0.588 425 9 A3 4900 11 4570×1130×3455
1Cr18Ni9Ti 4800
XPG3 3 11.5 11.5 1.021 0.588 425 9 A3 6400 15 6076×1130×2980
1Cr18Ni9Ti 6300

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