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Whether the resin reaction kettle can be customized and the composition of the PU resin reaction kettle
Publisher:Rong Yu Chemical slicer  Time:2017/9/26 16:54:00  Click:899

In the reaction kettle, it can be said that this kind of resin reactor can not be unfamiliar to you, because it has been carrying out its introduction in the website, so that you can keep familiarize and understand this reaction kettle, and is also the key word of the website。 Therefore, the following, no exception, or this topic, only in the content of learning, is not before, so that people can continue to progress。

1. resin reactor that must be available on the components? In addition, can all the resins be made using this kind of reaction kettle?

Resin reaction kettle, on its component parts, must have some five elements, which are important for reaction pot, condenser, water storage device, oil spill tank and pipeline。 Therefore, it is indispensable。 And this kind of reactor, although it can be used to prepare most of the resin, but not all。 So, in question two, the answer is whether or not, that is, it can't prepare all the resins。

2. resin reaction kettle, what is it on the material? And, is it customizable?

Resin reaction kettle, it is more commonly used in material, there are two kinds of carbon steel and stainless steel。 If special requirements are required, other materials can also be used to meet the requirements of use。 This invention relates to a reaction kettle, can be customized, because its yield is cining tens of kilograms to tens of tonnes, the middle span is very big。

3.PU resin reaction kettle, what is it?

PU resin reactor is not difficult to see from its name, it is one of the resin reaction kettle, and it has better agitation effect, so as to ensure its use effect。 In addition, it is mainly composed of the tank, the inlet and outlet, the regulating water pipe, the stirring shaft and the driving device。 And, these parts are very important, so it is essential and can not be omitted。

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