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Whether the boiling heat transfer of a spiral plate heat exchanger is suitable and its direction judgment
Publisher:Rong Yu Chemical slicer  Time:2017/8/24 16:14:41  Click:902

In the specific type of heat exchanger, the following will be involved, for the spiral plate heat exchanger of this kind, because the website is products and keywords, so it is necessary to study and work, so that we can understand and familiar with this kind of heat exchanger, instead of the absolutely ignorant of. Then, in order to achieve the above purpose, the following will be carried out through some specific problems and give the answers so that you can get a correct understanding.

1. screw plate heat exchanger, is it suitable for boiling heat transfer?

The main application of the spiral plate heat exchanger in heat exchangers is steam condensation and convection heat transfer without phase change. Besides, it is also suitable for boiling heat transfer. So, in this question, the answer is to apply. And the heat transfer effect of this kind of heat exchanger is very good, and its heat transfer coefficient can reach 1.8 - 3.5 kW/ (m (. C).

2. in the spiral plate heat exchanger, set the spiral baffle, what is the purpose? In addition, how can it be judged in the direction of the import and export of the return water?

The spiral baffle plate is installed on the spiral plate heat exchanger. The main purpose is to make the outer pipe flow along the baffle plate, so that it can improve the heat exchange efficiency of the heat exchanger. As for the direction of import and export of heat exchangers, it is assumed that their upper and left ports are media, and the downstream and right ports are media.

3. spiral plate heat exchanger, why is the heat transfer area equal to the expansion area of the spiral plate?

This is because the expansion area of the spiral plate is equal to the length of the spiral plate multiplied by the width of the spiral plate, so the heat transfer area is equal to the expansion area of the spiral plate。 And what we need to know is that the diameter and length of the spiral plate heat exchanger are proportional to the area of the heat transfer。

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