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What does the price of different kinds of heat exchangers relate to?
Publisher:Rong Yu heat exchanger price  Time:2017/6/9 16:30:30  Click:1027

The heat exchanger prices, of the specific aspects of learning and understanding, the following will be through some specific problems and to expand, and give the correct answer it, let us have a comprehensive understanding, rather than knowledge, thus, have wrong ideas, then, generate new problems, and affect the use of heat transfer for.

1. the plate heat exchanger in the heat exchanger, what are the related factors in the price of the heat exchanger? In addition, what is the price decided by?

In terms of the price of heat exchangers, the factors related to the price of plate heat exchangers are mainly four factors, such as manufacturer, plate material, gasket material and heat exchanger area. And its determinant is that there are two pieces of plate and rubber mat, which are determined by them.

What does the 2。 tube heat exchanger have to do with the price of the heat exchanger?

The shell type heat exchanger is mainly related to the heat exchanger area and the specific type of the heat exchanger, mainly for the two。 And what we need to know is that the greater the heat exchanger area is, the higher the price of the heat exchanger。  However, sometimes, it should be determined by the specific model。

3. what are the related factors in the price of heat exchangers used in industry?

The heat exchangers used in industry are usually made of customized equipment, so the price of heat exchangers is mainly related to the specifications of heat exchangers and the materials used. In addition, we have to consider the parameter, so that the price can be determined to avoid the error.

The above is the heat exchanger type, change, specific analysis and explanation in terms of its price, in order to let everyone have a correct understanding, thus, can in the purchase process of the heat exchanger, taking into consideration of the correct price, so as to make judgments, and to choose suitable products, then, get the use effect.

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