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Wuxi Rong Yu Chemical Equipment Technology Co。, Ltd。 -- formerly known as (Wuxi Yufeng metal container Co。, Ltd。), from entrepreneurship to today, we have gone through a road of striving with sweat and sweat。 Thank you for the great support and selfless care of Rongyu company from all walks of life。 Thank you for the diligent and diligent employees working in every position。

Only a person is confident and hard to make his own achievement, and a business is more so. Confidence makes us more confident in the environment of competition and development, the coexistence of opportunities and challenges, and try to make us learn to live on the ground and to pursue unremittingly. The vast sea, thousands of boat racing. We have the spirit of "quality survival, reputation and development" business purposes, by virtue of their own efforts, to first-class talents, first-class CNC equipment and first-class modern management, dedicated to create a domestic first-class chemical equipment production base, for customers to improve product quality, improve production efficiency and make unremitting efforts. This is our wealth is also our value, but also for our customers to provide every good product of the power and belief. Excellent ideas are derived from excellent culture, and respect for people is the essence of the culture of Rong Yu. To create a fair competition and meritocracy system, is the core support of enterprise development. We are willing to provide excellent young people with excellent work environment and a stage to fully display their talents, so that those who have integrity and integrity can realize the value of life and jointly promote the greater development of Rong Yu company.

Practical work seriously, tolerant, broad and profound, sincere pursuit of the development of world without end; this is a fundamental principle in life Yuren rong。 Quality supremacy, good faith service, strict management and perfection are also the motto of the continuous development of the enterprise。 The result of good faith, will, we will continue to work hard, continuous pursuit of first-class quality and service, to create a warm and open, sincere cooperation, pioneering and enterprising and win-win atmosphere。 We sincerely welcome friends from all walks of the society to Rong Yu, and seek common development, create brilliant。

Copyright Wuxi Rong Yu Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. Professional production Slicer,Spiral plate heat exchanger,Resin reaction kettle Add: Southern District of Wanshi Town, Yixing Legal person / General Manager:Zhuxiongwei  Mobile:13901510709 Tel:0510-87885500、87840558
Fax:0510-87840568 Zip code:214212 Web:www.wtprofit.com E-mail:13706180307@139.com 
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