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Add: Southern District of Wanshi Town, Yixing
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The company was founded in 1992, is located in the southern city of Wuxi south of the town, due to business development needs, in 2010 January xiqian New Stone Town Industrial Park, the move to Wuxi city Yixing.
The company covers an area of more than 20000 square meters, more than 10000 square meters workshop. There are more than 100 employees, including 23 professional engineering and technical personnel, 3 senior engineers, 7 engineers, and 20 qualified welders with qualified pressure vessels.
The company has D1D2 special equipment design permits; A2 class I and II class III pressure vessel manufacturing license; Chinese chemical equipment company is a member of the Association unit; Wan Shi Zhen head Association member units; fanyingguo professional manufacture all kinds of specifications (kettle) and heat exchanger, evaporator, slicing machine, fermentation equipment and so on. Research and manufacture of metal filler, widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, medicine, food and other industries; for many companies produced several sets of resin equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, new energy, bio diesel equipment production line.
The company has processing facilities, built a perfect quality management system, has passed ISO9001:2008 quality system certification; GB/T28001-2011 IDT OHSAS18001:2007 occupation health and safety management system certification; ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification; has advanced computer aided design system, using the SW6-98 pressure vessel calculation software, and various kinds of imported CNC tube plate welding machine, automatic submerged arc welding equipment, CNC welding automatic welding equipment, CNC plasma cutting equipment, 100 mm -4 CNC cutting equipment, large shearing, bending machine, 50-2500 CNC bending machine, 30-2500 CNC bending machine, milling machine 12 meters large, 200 square meters of spiral plate heat exchanger forming roll bed; 250 NDT machine, material testing machine; large 7 meters long lathe, drilling machine, planer, 3080 1000 X50 milling machine, CNC sawing machine with gold etc. It has advanced production technology, complete testing methods, rigorous and dedicated operators, and strictly according to pressure vessel technology supervision regulations, manufacturing and acceptance manufacturing.
Practice has proved that, because I follow the company quality policy of "quality first, sincere service, strict management and excellence", all for the sake of users for the purpose, adhere to strict delivery, reasonable price, excellent product quality, proper customer service service, long period of new and old customers for sincere and effective cooperation our company elaborate all kinds of products and reliable performance reflects the advantages of out of the ordinary in use, by the majority of the user's trust and welcome.
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Fax:0510-87840568 Zip code:214212 Web:www.wtprofit.com E-mail:13706180307@139.com 
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